About Lucy

I am someone who loves life in theory, but is not that good at actually loving it. When everyone else is having fun going out partying or going to festivals or jumping out of airplanes, I’m wondering why I’m not having fun, wondering what’s ‘wrong’ with me—and getting exhausted in the meantime. I’m one of those smart women who did well in school but who has never known ‘what to do’, whose direction has often been set by others.

In January 2016 I left my day job for a year to write and perform. At the heart of it all, though, I’m trying to distinguish my calling from all the other noise going on around me. I am finally only doing stuff that feels authentic to myself. I’ve started living my best, most fun life.

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Lucy Horan is a writer, editor, and performer. She writes this blog and occassionally freelances. She performs with the Improv Conspiracy, doing long-form improv comedy. She also teaches and coaches improv and is on the company’s leadership panel.

Lucy has had a successful ten-year career in the public sector. She has held a range of roles including performance auditor, policy officer, speechwriter, and annual report manager. The common thread is a focus on assessing how well things are working, coming up with ways to make them work better, and communicating this really clearly to the right people.